Lathe SIG - Wood Turning Practice

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The Lathe SIGs meets officially twice during each month.


    • donohue7The Lathe Techniques SIG meets on the Tuesday following the second Thursday of each month.
    • The Lathe Application Sig is held on the following Tuesday.

Be sure to check the club calendar first.

Click here for a map to the clubhouse. 

Woodturning Links

Spindle Gouge Template  Bowl Gouge Template 
Inlaid Bottle Stoppers Turning Green Wood Bowls
Steve Russel's Woodturning Tips Library Golden Mean Presentation
Woodturning Safety Document


Both April 2015 Lathe SIGs were devoted to the subject of hollowing on the wood lathe.

Wishbone TN 50At the April 14 SIG, Tom Doud and Joe Donohue brought in a broad range of hollowing tools, ranging from the basic "David Ellsworth" thick borng bar with cutters on the end to the elaborate torque contained systems that use square and round 3/4" steel bars. The bars fit into a slide mounted on the lathe bed. Joe and Tom demonstrated a product of ther own design, the Wishbone Hollowing Tool made by our friend Ron Burdg of Sierra Mold in Carson City. Everyone attending the SIG was invited to try out the Wishbones in action on the 2 PowerMatic lathes in the clubhouse. The Wishbone tool is effective to about 7" - 7 1/2" deep over the tool rest.

The Wishbone Tool is priced at $65.00 plus $5.00 for the small HSS 3/16" cutter. The larger HSS 3/4" scraper cutter is priced at $25.00.
Contact Joe (775-387-0123) if you are interested in purchasing a Wishbone Hollowing Tool. You will also need to make or purchase a handle.

Snake Slide100At the April 21 SIG, Gary Raines began with an interesting PowerPoint presentation on his procedure for hollowing green wood. That full presentation is available by clicking HERE.  Following the presentation, Gary demonstrated the Snake Hollowing Tool, also made by Ron Burdg of Carson City.Gary began with a fresh cut wood blank wrapped in plastic to control the drying and also to prevent spraying water all over the place. The Snake is an ingenious device that makes hollowing possible to about 12" over the tool rest.

The Hollowing Snake Tool is priced at $375.00 plus $60.00 for a square broached head plus $5.00 for a 3/16" cutter. No handle necessary. Contact Ron Burdg (775-882-3500) for further information on the Snake and many other neat turning tools.

At the March Lathe SIGs we will begin the process of building good size balloon ornaments for the club to sell at the Balloon Races this fall.

Jim Allen has put a lot of thought into the design of these and he has prepared 50 sets of glued up blanks for us to use.

You can see the process by clicking on Jim's picture. I will download a PowerPoint show file giving you a step by step "how to" make these.

These will be really classy items for us to show off and sell. Come to the March Lathe Sigs and make a few. Also take some blanks home to make.



dp 38gougeThis month the Lathe SIG is all about sharpening. At the 7/15 session, we took out the newturning tools that the club purchased and went through the process of initial shaping and sharpening of the bowl gouges, roughing gouges and parting tools. We used the club's Spindle and Bowl Gouge Templates, available from links in the header of this SIG.

We spoke about the inportance of keeping the same ratios for consistency (tool projection from the holder, angle of the holder and distance of the jig from the wheel face, all of which are helped by the use of the templates.

We had several new members take the challenge and they produced fine quality work on the club's tools. They are ready.

Next week we will be demonstrating negative rake scrapers and sharpening the members' tools.

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Our June Lathe SIG had Rex Wells teach us about stave turning to make balloons.
So we will produce a few more balloons for the Reno Balloon Races and learn about the stave-construction method. This is another method to turn a flat ¾ inch board into a larger form for the lathe.

thumb 1-20140513 190104Jim Allen showed us how to offset turn toy race cars and everyne took a shot. Jim had provided multiple "Kits" with all you need to make a car. Several people took them home to work on.

Click on the image at the left for a vdeo of Jim's instructions. It's a large file so give it a minute to load.

Gary Raines also gave us a demo on how to turn these neat cars.