The mask mandate has been lifted, but we still ask you to wear a mask in the shop. Thank you for your consideration. Please bring a mask when you come to the shop. Honestly, we work with a lot of sawdust. Covid or not, sawdust is always in the air. I always wear a mask and eye protection in my personal shop, you should too. 
Double check the calendar for meeting times and dates. ~Kirk


Teaser Alert! May 14, 2022! Individual (private) shop tour and BBQ! Stay Tuned for more information, coming soon. 

Earth Day is April 24. We have a booth. Contact John for more information (or email

Another successful year! 1, 740 toys built and painted!
 Plus 200 winter hats. Amazing work for our kids. Thanks for all the hard work from all of our volunteers who made this happen and who will make a Christmas to remember for 1,740 youngsters!

Your webmaster was just looking at some natural wood tables and it reminded him about a church he served as pastor. Out back, it had a table that was slabbed and made into an 84 foot long and 4 foot wide table. That was the largest table the retired pastor has ever served. 🙂 Google Monroe, Oregon Table and you’ll find it. There are two in town.

Luke Zbella & The Lightning Collective have provided a great three minute video for us highlighting some of our work. Here it is. 

September was the Reno Air Races! Every year we raffle off a rocking toy suitable for a 3-6 year old child. The last several years, we have made motorcycles. This year, how about a bi-plane?!? Obviously, it is not yet complete–who can fly an airplane without any gauges? But look to purchase some raffle tickets before Christmas! 

We have a brand new CNC! It takes a bit of learning and time behind a computer screen before you can throw a piece of wood on and make something beautiful, but it is worth it. Your webmaster checked it out for the first time on 9/11. It is cool! Come in and check it out! Ron is our SIG leader on this (Be sure to mention CNC so we can get an email to Ron.). He is eager to teach. 

Our club membership is comprised of women and men doing woodworking. Hand tools, power tools, and digital tools all are in our tool belts. We create toys, furniture, turning, carving…. The shop has most tools used in woodworking, power and manual – saws, lathes, sanders, planers, and scroll saws. We have a brand new CNC tool (a router on steroids) that is available for use and we have a 60 watt CO2 CNC laser that will be online by the end of 2021.  

In June of 2021 we made some garden planters for some of our veterans at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home. We made these planter boxes accessible by putting them on stands so that our veterans do not have to kneel to work in the dirt. KOLO gave a shout out to us! Thank You KOLO.

We have a new donor of wood! One of our major yearly projects is creating toys for children with cancer, and children who will not receive Christmas or Hanukah gifts. At the Art Sale at the Pioneer Plaza for Earth Day 2021, Creative Wood Images on Mill St. owned by Ellen and Darren Gross were very impressed with our club and especially with the toy program. We have received several boards from them, including much needed MDF. It may be scrap to them, but it is gold to us! Thank you! 

In 2020, we gave away 1,400 toys that we distributed to 13 non-profit organizations who work in our community with families and children in need. We do this every year. Most of the toys were made at home this year by dedicated volunteers.

We have classes and group projects helping one another learn and promote the art and enjoyment of woodcraft. We are in full operation with scheduled classes. Also, we will hold individual classes, when asked. Individual and family memberships are available.

Below is a segment on who we are and what we do (08.2021). Come and find your grain in the wood you touch everyday!

We have both Zoom and in-person meetings. 

The shop is open during workshop times and by appointment. 

We have six  – Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Toys, Lathe, Scroll Saw, Tools and Techniques, Carving, and Digital Workshop. Members attend and participate in the groups of their interest. We are dedicated to teaching the skills of woodworking, by classes, projects, and demonstrations, with safety and participation.

Some program/project are supported, in part, by the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.