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Toy Group during the 2021 Toy Distribution in 2021.

Toy Special Interest Group (Toy SIG)

This group has weekly meetings at the club house/shop for eleven months out of the year. They complete over 1000 toys and deliver them to charity organizations throughout the local area for Christmas.

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The Toy group uses every tool in the shop to make toys from a very large collection of patterns. They also engage other SiGs for toy-making projects as well as individuals working in their home workshop. The Toy Group then assembles, decorates, tests, and packages all the toys.

This Group is well known locally, so much so that at Christmas the club is often featured in TV news!

As a member, you can be part of this SIG regardless of your skill level! The minimum skill level is sanding!

SO! Be part of this SIG and you will feel proud of contributing to the undeserved children in the area.

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Upcoming Events
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2021 Toy Distribtion

Christian H Ziegler - 9/10/2022

After a year of work, the Toy SiG team was able to distribute 1749 toys to 12 charitable organizations on Wednesday December 1st.
The workshop scene on that day must be exactly how Santa and elves work on Christmas eve - CONTROLLED CHAOS. Everyone has a mission and gets it done but to an observer you cannot make any sense of it.  The elves were moving so fast it was hard to take photos - once one was in the view of the camera, they were gone before the shutter flashed.
Most of the toys had to be delivered by Sleigh (SUV that is). There were a few who came to the shop and picked up the toys.  This was all organized and directed by Santa Donnah Wenstrom.
The photos shows those Sleigh’s & elves that could be caught on camera.

Toy Elves Dellivery 2021 Christmas toys